windowsXP creating connection problems...



I recently made a windows XP partition on my system and installed counter-strike (a online multiplayer game) on it. It vastly improved audio and visual performances, great i thought, but then every few minuets i got a huge 3000ms+ lag.

I exited to windows and ran this command "ping -t www, and found that every 50-70 ping i got a 2000ms-3000ms return.

I also noticed that the internet activity icon in the system tray stopped flashing when this happened, as if XP isnt giving me a constant internet connection.

Im on a 600k cable connection, connect with a SMC wireless router and USB receiever. I know this is not causing the problem because its fine in windowsME and my other windowsXP computer. I even tryed connecting my computer to the cable modem directly with a wire and still had the same problem.

Must be something to do with windows XP.

I then updated the SMC drivers and done all the windows updates (im using professional), problem still exsisted. Theres no other programmes that could be using the connection or another PC on the network.

Ive disabled the firewall, QoS network setting and disabled auto update. Nothings helped.

Please, this is really annoying and i can't live with it, any one here have any ideas on what could be causing this?


ah right, that ive been considering myself.

Could it be that because i dont have my original main board drivers its effecting the way in wich XP runs my USB?

I have a microstar international 'ms-6316' mother board with on-board creative ES1373 and on-board nvidia riva tnt2 m64.

Ive looked all over the web and havent been able to find the drivers for the mother board (been through all main search engines). The microstar site only gives the ms-6316 manual, any one know where i could find the drivers?

Or if its even worth looking for as it runs fine in windowsME?

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