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Windows6.0-KB931770-x86.msu - does it work

Dark Atheist

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anyone who has installed this hotfix (which you have to ask ms for) does it make any difference to the speed of hard drive transfers and network transfers ?

i dont want to install it, if its not going to make any difference


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doesn't do much for increasing transfer speed.. some of the other vista updates do help with that though. It fixes an issue where the copy process would hang at 0sec (something I have experienced as well.. and is mostly fixed by the hotfix).

Why not just grab the RC1 copy of SP1 (or wait for the full release) as SP1 includes this hotfix already.

Dark Atheist

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i have only just bought vista, not even activated yet, i dont want to activate it, install something, it cocks it up - i have to reinstall, using up another activation.

Is it true you only get 10 or something like that ?


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No, you can simply call them and you should be fine.

On a related note, I have reinstalled my Vista Ultimate copy several times and no requests to call anyone. Just pop in my license key and good to go.

Dark Atheist

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so you just whip in the retail key click activate and everything is fine ? and how often have you activated it - i know they give you a few months in between activations if my memory serves right (which i doubt it does) :p


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sp1 should have all the performance hotfixes in them anyway. I'm not thinking there are any performance hotfixes that aren't in sp1

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