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Windows XP wont boot


Space cowboy

hi guys..im having a headache over here..wifes pc wouldnt boot because system32\config\system was corrupt or missing error..i fixed that thru recovery console..now.pc wont boot at all..gets to the point like it wants to boot,but i see a glimpse of a BSOD then she reboots.and keeps this cycle up.i have tried to reseat the cpu..it has 3 sticks of 128.i tried swapping and running with just one of each at a time..still no go..wont boot safemode or anything :O(((
is there anyway to look at the log without getting into windows? or a way to turn off auto reboot so i can see the error..
any help would be appreciated...because she has to ebay.and i dont wanna give up my baby to her hehe :confused:


if you are running ntfs you will need to get the readonly version of ntfs4dos from sysinternals to get the logs of windows xp. else you could put the drive into your pc and copy the require files after you have viewed the logs. if you want more help. send a private message..

Space cowboy

i got pissed so i ran registery recovery again..this time it tells me c:\windows\system32\config\deafult is not there..so,i tried to just let XP fix itself by running install again over exsisting copy..after it goes thru loading the required files it gives me this:

Setup cannot set the required Windows XP configuration information.
This indicates an internal setup error

contact your administrator

OMG...is this a sign of a hardware problem comming..memory/harddrive/mobo???

i used to get this problem all the time oin wifes machine.but had 2 daughters using as well.which i figured downloaded a virus..so i finally reformatted..now just a few months later.i get the error again..and now cant boot..

original error at boot
windows could not start because a file was either missing or corrupt
I'm not certain of a fix for what's going on... it sound's like some pretty serious data corruption going on, possible hard drive failure but that's a premature guess.

What I'd do. Pull the drive and slave it in another system to recover the data I couldn't afford to lose. Put it back in the target machine and run the drive's manufacturers utility on it to bring it back to factory specs (which will wipe it clean). If the drive manufacturer doesn't have this type of utililty suite (I know samsung doesn't) then do a complete fdisk/format routine on it. Reinstall using ntfs (i'm guessing it's currently fat32).

Space cowboy

No lonman,its ntfs..and its a maxtor 40 gig 7200 drive.udma 100/133,the drive is only 6 months old..i guess ill do that..problem is wife has alot of emails that were downloaded to machine,that she needs,plus bookmarks..things i dont think i can get from placing drive in my box
Yeah, you can retrieve that information. For emails do a search for *.dbx files and copy the whole folder to your drive... I believe those are in X:\Documents and Settings\*user name*\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{1E92DF94-72F2-4652-99DA-5204A168A3D1}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Her favorites will be in X:\Documents and Settings\*user name*\Favorites

How long was this installation running before it croaked? You might consider a dual-boot configuration on the drive to help prevent this type of failure in the future. A small primary fat32 partition with just about any MS OS you want on it and then the remainder for an XP installation. I have a 45gig Maxtor set up with a 2.5gig primary fat32 with win2k on it (I'd use 2k or xp here so it will read ntfs). My main xp parittion is 20gig ntfs, and then i have a storage partition on the rest. I've never HAD to use 2k to rescue data, but it's nice to know it's there.

Space cowboy

thx for the tips...its been up about 2-3 months.everything was fine until i loaded a game for daughter..and it froze.when i cold booted.it started with the config/system error..i have drive in my box now..is there anyway to find the error log that its wroting when i get the bsod and then reboot..???

Space cowboy

yea,i finally bit the bullet,and took drive out and put in my box..grabbed all the files i needed,thx Lonman for the ups on how to get email stuff,,huge help..and i did a reformat...this is the 2nd format of this pc in 6 months..guess the kids are tearing it up haha..ohh well,im learning tons on wifes pc..thx for all the input guys,its up and running again..so no loss i guess..cept time:cool:

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