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Windows XP Volume Labels?



I have a question for your guys.

My roommate had some friends over one nite and when the left so did my legit Windows XP Pro Retail cd, and like 7 computer games :(

My pc is running like ass so I figured well ok, i still have my CDKEY, I'll just get one of my friends to make me a copy of his CD.

Well one of my friends burned WinXP for me, the Volume Label is WXPOEM_EN, I had retail so i didnt think it would work but i figured it was worth a try. Wouldnt take my legit CDKEY. Just kept saying the CDKEY wasnt valid... Just for the hell of it I tried to make a keygen'ed key to see if it would work with that. Same error so I'm pretty sure its cuz its a retail key.

So anyway I asked some other friends and one of them was like ya I have Winxp Pro but I dont know if its OEM or Retail. So I had him check his CD volume Label for me..

WXPFPP_EN.. I think that was the volume label on my cd too but I cant remember.

Just for s***s and giggles I had him check his computers PID. His product ID PID says OEM...

I checked around efnet in some of the irc channels that offer Windows XP help and everyone said WXPFPP_EN is retail store but everyone found it odd his PID was OEM.

Help.. Is this CD infact retail or what? I dont wanna format til I know for sure if its going to work with my CDKEY.

Wonder if microsoft will replace the cd easy.. I need to format now though, my pc is all ****** up.


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Well it was a lil long but I dont know why you say its quite a story... Someone came over, jacked my CD. I'm trying to find a replacement and not having much luck..... And? It's a pretty simple story..

If i wanted to use a pirated copy, i would just use the Devilsown so called Corp copy and a keygen..

And yes my roommates friends are all shady. None of them work and they sit around planing how to get over on people.. There a great bunch.
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Dial up good ol Billy Boy over at Microsoft. You have your legit key, so they should send you out a new CD. If it doesn't work, call again and tell them that it's scratched to all hell.

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