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windows xp sp2 lan connectiuom problem


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windows xp sp2 lan connection problem

I have 10 xp sp2 systems connected to two 8 port switches
the first switch is connected to 6 systems
the 3 systems of first switch are often disconecting from network(but lan not disconected)
when i unplug and replug at switch end it re connects but another system disconnects.
i want to know weather this problem is caused by switch or wiring
please help me
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I had that problem untill I went to control panel; network connections; local area connection properties; Internet protocal (TCP/IP) properties. In there I assigned my IP address DNS IP numbers. I have two wired and two wireless connected to my router. I did this to each pc with the first being then then .3 and last 4. Hope this helps you.

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