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Windows XP SP1> What is in it ?



Hello Everyone

Does any one have any detailed information about Win XP SP1 patch ? If so, What does it do besides update the OS ?

Has anyone encountered problems in the way it changed there system useage ? I wouldnt be asking this question except there are so many security issues with IE and such.

It just seems to me no matter how diligent one is to patch the holes theres always a new security breach in the OS the next day.

Mind you, am using XP pro thats been activated and just the thought of applying the patch after I tweaked my system following guides from respected sites, am just worried about opening up more holes in it.

Please Shed Some Light
On This Poor Soul, Thanks


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Ok. As far what is replaced and/or update I'm not sure. That said I'm pretty sure that all of the problems listed on the link that will be there. I haven't found a list of fixes and updates to the OS besides this one but I hope this at least helps you. U may need to click on the link a few times as its a bit stubron to load.

info on fixes for XP
Many changes have taken place. First, as a result of the lawsuit filed against MicroSoft, various features have been added to the add/remove program menu. This allows removal of various MicroSoft applications and installation of third party applications as Windows default programs. Secondly, IE6 and various other security vulnerabilites including Messenger have been addressed and included as one install (should make for a more stable system). Lastly, the OS seems to be generally more responsive (as in a couple of BETA downloads I tested). Also, pirated copies of XP will be unable to apply the SP1 (officially). VM will be available on the SP1 CD release only and not on the Windows Update site for SP1. Although, if VM is already installed, Windows Update will continue to provide updates for VM.

Google search will yield more info I'm sure.


Thanks Chastity and SnookBooger

Do u 2 have any idea if anyone from respected sites going to redo there Win Xp Tweak guides because of the patch. Its not important but a question that some one might ask later while reading this post .

Does this mean that the present tweak guides are now obsolete because of this patch ?

Thanks Again U 2
I don't believe the present tweak guides will be totally obsolete because of SP1. The only sites I would use to tweak SP1 (even if it means waiting awhile)are XPerience.org and TweakXP.com.:)


Gee Thanks again U 2

This is the 1st Forum that I've noticed thats really active with good people in it, am glad I found it and I hope to repay u 2 with some of my knowledge and tips.

BTW, I am a active web-surfer so I do get around alot meaning I would like to post tidbits and other info to others here at XP-erience, its a way of helping others who seek answers .

Thanks Again

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