Windows XP Server/Client?


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Hi people. :)

If any of you have noticed this while browsing through the Task Manager there's a tab called 'Users'.
What I want to ask is - How does one go about to get two or more users or 'clients' on one machine?


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By going to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts. Add users. Now, log one user on, and use User Switching to log on another user. User Switching is a feature that allows two users on one machine being logged on the same time, where one useraccount is put to sleep when the other is active and the other way around. A sort of Standby mode, I guess.
You can use XP either as part of a peer to peer network or connect to a domain. With XP Home edition, you can have up to 5 clients on a peer to peer network, but you can't use XP Home edition to join a domain. With XP Pro, you can have 10 connections on a peer to peer network and you can join a Windows 2000 server or Windows 2003 Server domain.

You can set up user accounts on peer to peer networks and assign different users different permissions, share files and printers, and an internet connection.


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u can add another server as well, but when u talked about the User thing, then thats all it is!

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