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Is there any way to completely turn off the auto-shutdown option in Windows XP Pro??? It's really making me mad because I always try to download a bunch of songs and then the computer just shuts down on me because of a system failure! I've tried looking for an option to turn it off, but all I found was an option to stop the restarting or the memory dump. It's really causing me a lot of stress, so can you please tell me if there is a way or not to turn this annoying thing off?
um...there is no way to turn it off because it is a system failure as you said! might focus on finding the problem as that is the only way to stop it from restarting or giving you a blue screen

I wish they had a don't crash option :)
yeah, that would be nice to have a no-crash option, but I used to use Windows ME and it never did anything like this to me, it never crashed or anything, so why would XP suddenly do it to me?
Need to find out what's causing the crash. What kind of messages are you getting? Is there anything in the event viewer logs that catalog the crashes?
I basically know what the problem is, I think it might be an overload of CPU usage or something like that, because it always happens when I have a bunch of programs opening or like downloading a lot of songs. The computer just stops and shuts down, and I get like a"Blue Screen of Death" type of thing, but it has different things written on it, I don't remember exactly what though. I also know that it does write an error log but I'm not to sure about what to do with that.
What kind of processor is it, and do you have any temp monitoring software installed? That "problems under heavy cpu load" *might* be a temperature problem.
I've got an AMD 500MHz processor (I know, it's crappy) And no temperature monitoring software. But I dont really think it would be the temperature because I usually have my computer on for very long periods of time and I never get anything like this...and its also never happened to me with windows ME....
Take special note of any bsod 'Stop: 0x000....' codes. Those can nail it down pretty quick if you're getting any of those.
yeah yeah, thats on the blue screen that comes up. Its kinda long though, its like stop: 00x000x000x0. But its in a different combination. How are those gonna help me though?

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