Windows XP Pro network - can you set up logging in?

I have a small home network that currently consists of 3 (wired) computers, and 1 (wireless) notebook computer; I was wondering if there was a way to set them up so that if I wanted to share or access files between any one of them, I would have to first log into the computer (witht he files i wanted) using some kind of username/password scheme.

Is this possible using windows XP pro out of the box or do I need to get third party software? I'd like to enable this for added security since I'm using a wireless router now, as long as windows XP can do it that is.

I tried to google this question, but the truth is i didn't know how to word it properly to get any useful results!


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XP validates shares by username, disable simple file sharing, and control access to the shares with NTFS permissions. You need to have all the usernames on all computers with the same passwords, then you can restrict access by username.
Where do I find the linnk to the NTFS permissions? I'll try to look around when I get back home, will I find it through administration tools? Thank you for the reply.


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As long as the drives are formatted in NTFS, just right click any folder or file and select Security.


Your best bet for something like is to set it up client/server - That way you would have to have a server though .. But it is more convenient that way, then you could share any file you want and set up user groups on the server itself with specific permissions, it makes it lot more easier ..
ok - I guess I'm missing something - can you point me to some kind of guide? All I can see is "sharing and security" which is how it's set up now. I can't find any option to force a user to log in before they can have access to files. I tried to disable it to see if new options would present themselves, but to no avail.

I'm not sure if i could do the client/server idea without getting 3rd party software; it also sounds like it may not let me get access to everything I may need, and it sounds like it may be complicated. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

Basically I would like my network to be set up the way it is now but with the added security of having to log in before I can brows around. So i would clcik on "veiw workgroup computer" and see a list of all my computers - then when i go and double-click on any one of them I would be prompted for a user name and password before I could actually get in. That way if someone was actually able to get into my network (wirelessly) they would still have to log in to 'brows' around and change anything.


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XP uses user level security, if someone logs in as a user not defined they would not be able to access any shares. There is no way to prompt for a password, it is done automatically by your username that you are logged in as.

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