Windows XP not booting...



When I turn on my computer it gives me this error:

"Windows could not boot because the following file is missing or corrupt: C:/Windows/system32/config/system"

Any ideas on how to fix my computer? D:



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Boot off the XP CD into the recovery console (Have the "Administrator" password set during install ready)

From the command line run "sfc /scannow"



i am in the recovery part now but i don't know what to do.

It first headed me in a blue screen area and asked if I want to install or recover... so I pressed r for recovery.

Now im in like a msdos mode where is asks me what number i want to recover. (There is only 1 = c:/windows) So i press that.

Now i don't know where to go D:

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That's not the page I linked too. It said>

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry that Prevents Windows XP from Starting
This article describes how to recover a Windows XP system that does not start because of corruption in the registry. This procedure does not guarantee full recovery of the system to a previous state; however, you should be able to recover data when...

So it could be a corrupted registry doing it.


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Recover c:\windows

Enter the Administrator Password

at the MS-DOS command line run "sfc /scannow"


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