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Windows XP Media Center


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Since I've never used it before and the laptop I want to buy comes preloaded with it, does Windows XP Media Center's network functionalty match that of XP Home Edition or Pro Edition? I need to know if Media Center Edition includes the advanced file/folder and share permissions, ability to access the Administrator account from normal mode, and the ability to join Domains or Active Directory that XP Pro has.



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Media Centre is actually just a piece of software added on top of Windows XP itself... think it's normally Home Edition if I'm not mistaken.


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Windows XP Media Center is based on Windows XP Professional but it does not have the ability to join a domain.

It does, however, have Remote Desktop and the Encrypted File System that Windows XP Home does not have.
I will reaffirm that its not HOME edition but does have some "professional" features removed like joining a domain. If you go to college, I probably wouldn't use it. It just wont work. (colleges usually require you to join their domain so they can stick you with their group policies)


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yeah - it does not join a domain - I know I have it installed and now I have my domain here....

I was actually looking for a thread I made on this - because I have found this hack on wikkipedia to allow my MC machine to join the domain.

Now I just have to wait for any comments on whether this will work with MC edition 2005.... I am hoping it may but thought I would ask the knowledgeable folks here first before I chance my arm and run through it.

Also I have toi wait since I need to run a backup.....

and it is just possible I am close enough to guidelines that the previous thread got deleted. If any mod chooses to censor this post please let me know... I have been away a bit but should pick up on any PM

thanks all (well all that read anyway!)

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It is actually something that has come up in the labs and we weren't told to be quiet or shutup or anything like that.

Although curiously MFG, you were asking about the benefits of Vista and I guess one of them could well be that you can more easily add a media center PC to a home domain.


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I'm loving media center with a xbox360 and the program transcode360 to stream any file to my 360...since I've got this I've seen the awesome benefits of MCE and I get to Remote into my work servers and do some wonderful MS great plains work!

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Yeah, I agree MCE eHomeShell is very nice built add-in. And you even can integrate that 200 meg cab into setup CD and autoinstall it during XP setup. It's also nice that it can be installed on XP: sometimes you need to be able to join your corporate domain and have access to such entertainment features as the shell. I tried several third-party tools but wasn't impressed with them. Microsoft built-in shell is much more easy in use and the only thing that I prefer to be better made is its media player. Although it use the same WMP functionality usability is lacking WMP ease. So if you need to change something (say enable/disable some plug-ins), you always first need to go out of shell, fire the WMP and make changes there. Haven't seen Vista's media center yet. I expect it to be more powerful and ease in use.
btw if you want the same features as MCE2005 you must buy Vista Ultimate edition.
vista home premium you would think could do the same as MCE 2005!.. but oh no, m$ took away the ability to save network passwords:/
you could set up a desktop at your home and have it connect to the domain, then have your laptop connect through your desktop. this would only work in your dorm though. :(

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