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Windows XP Logon Screen Does not Appear and the Computer Continuously Restarts!!!???



Windows XP Logon Screen Does not Appear and the Computer Continuously Restarts!!!???

!!When i start up my computer, the Microsoft Windows XP start up screen appears, and then the computer restarts. The Windows XP logon screen does not appear!!

Does anybody know why this is and what could cause it?

I have done a Clean Format several times and it is not instantly that this problem happens and has been fine for upto a week or more then for no apparent reason when i turn it on it will have this error and will not work unless i format it...
:confused: :huh:
So you reformat and then it works fine for a bit and then fails again.
I was originally thinking it could be a hardware problem but then it wouldnt act like you describe.
It could be something on your computer which keeps getting corrupted, though realistically that wouldnt be a repeating thing across formats.
Are you running SP1 or not?


Will try..

But do u have any idea what could cause it to continuously happen - because i have formated several times and obviously installed XP again and then with in a week or so for no apparent reason it will have the error again... :huh:

Ye i installed Service pack 1 on there last time i had to format it as a result of the error to see if it helped... but obvioulsly didnt :(

It sounds to me like a bad memory module. Had the same problem on a friend's computer with 2 memory chips. Removed one and the system worked normally. Replaced it and it crashed again. Hope this helps.


I'll second the memory module theory. I had two sticks of ram and one went bad. At first the problems were very Socratic. System would work fine for a while and then I would get corrupted files. Reinstall and all would be good for a while and then it would happen again. I thought I had a bad HDD so I replaced it to no avail. Finally I got a BSOD and could not get passed it. Pulled one stick of ram and all went good and has been now for about 6months. Got the bad sticked RMA'd and all is good again.


I have tryed out the "Memory theory" and put the memory out of my other computer in it and tryed that - still didnt work :(

thanx for suggestion though!
you dont have an exceedingly hot cpu or maybe bad airflow over your hard drives. I could be the heat on the hard drive which could cause the Read/Write head to expand and miswrite data.

but personally I think that idea with the hard drives is very unlikely, but if they are too hot to touch then you need to give them some more airflow.
Possibly an internittent fault with the motherboard or IDE cables maybe


i will have a look at that now m8 - thanx -
allthough i should i thought it had fairly good air flow - iaint got much in it atm... - :)

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