Windows XP install problems!



Hey fellas!
I have some problems installing windows XP on my new computer.
I start with the CD in the drive and press the button to start the install. I get past the 2 first screens and the Partition screen but when im going to copy the files it just WONT copy some of them. If i skip them it wont work!

I have tried with 3 different CD drives and 3 different discs but its just the same problem! anyone who know a way to fix this?! is it some BIOS thing or what? i have been able to install with these CDs before so i don't think there is anything wrong with them..

PS. if i posted this on a wrong forum, please, move it... DS.


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Use the original disk. If you do not have an original disk then find a friend that has an original disk of the same version (OEM, Retail...) and try using that with your valid key. If that doesn't work you can always just call M$!


umm its different files from time to time... and thats really annoying! its like the comp mocking me or something!


Have had this problem recently when upgrading memory. and tried 3 diff XP discs , all legit.
Sounds very likely to be a memory error.
Memory can sometimes be stable enough to instal a lesser operating system such as Win 98, but as XP copies files to the system and is more memory intensive, any errors such as random file copying problems and "Page file" BSOD errors, are very likely to be memory related.

Replaced memory and had no problems.


windows memory diagnostic? is it an dos program that i can just get an startup diskett and run it from or?

and where can i get it.

thanks for the help guys!

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