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Windows XP Encrypted File System



I have XP pro and for some reason it didn't install the Encrypted File System. Any one have any ideal how I can add this to windows. I reinstalled windows and it didn't work.
Do you have NTFS or the FAT32 filesystem (rightclick harddisk to be sure). Encryption doesn't work with FAT32. You can convert it to NTFS though:
1) format the drive and let Windows install again. choose for NTFS filesystem when asked.
2) Buy a copy of Partition Magic 7 (earlier versions won't work) and convert the drive to NTFS while keeping all the files.


Or, convert it using Windows Convert:

Run the following command:

convert c: /fs:ntfs

Note: No files will be lost during the process.


Thank you so much. My drive was FAT32 I never would have thought of that. Thought Windows xp made it NTFS
when you upgraded to it.
Reg thank you for the fast convert ideal ;-)

My next Question would be what program do I use to make a restore disk that will install everything I have on my hard drive now?

I have a

Compaq AMD Athlon would like to make a disk like the quick restore disk that come with compaq


Most people use imaging programs (programs that create an image of your HD and put it into one file).

Some that come to mind are PowerQuest DriveImage (very very good for making disc backups) and Norton Ghost. I would go with DriveImage. It's easy to use and is a two step process. Also, checkout the latest PC Mag... They ran a special on creating images using DriveImage.

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