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Windows XP Automatic Reboot



Can anyone help me out?

I have windows XP home edition with a VIA chipset motherboard with the latest VIA fixes. Whenever I try to install a software application from a cd, it restarts and gives me a blue screen saying it has performed a physical dump. I tried everything from taking out all of my expansion cards and reinstalling video card first, then other things, then sound card but I still have the same problem. I've also update my BIOS drivers to the latest version but still no luck. All of my expansion card drivers are updated as well and still with no luck.

My specs are:
AMD Athlon 1.2
VIA Chipset Motherboard (Shuttle AK12)
Toshiba DVD-ROM Drive (SD-M1612)
Philips Writer (PCRW804)
Ti Geforce 4 4200
SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1
An old Network Card

I checked if there were any IRQ conflicts, at first there were between the Network Card and the sound card so I uninstalled the network card and reinstalled it in a different slot and there were no more conflicts. However, the problem still persists: automatic restart and blue screen when I install an APP. Any comments would be greatly appreciate, thank you.


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when PC blue screens and starts mem dump does it give the name of file that is causing the problem? If so post that it may help to diagnose the drama

also just try taking out network card and leaving out while you install an app, see if that does anything.


it doesnt give a file name, it just has 0x0000000028e, something such as that, but no file name


also, if my motherboard doesnt support DDR memory but my video card is DDR, does that matter? my port supports the videocard however (AGP 2.0)


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usually with blue screen there will be a file name somwhere listed as causing the error, check the screen again to make sure.

I don't think having ddr on vid card will cause a drama


well i tried to intall an app again, to see what the message says, now there is no message anymore, it just restarts

Shamus MacNoob

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event viewer

does xp home have the event viewer? control panel/administrative tools/event viewer in there should be listed the errors that you got, there is 3 different types logged

apps/system/security if not look in the documents and settings folder on C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson there is a log file here also that should list the .dmp dump files..... also the .dmp is there and it can be large you can saftly delete the .dmp's with no problems


I Took out my sound card, and now install works perfectly. Do you have any ideas on how I can make my sound card work with my system?

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