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Windows Xp and Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet Problem




I have a problem with my ethernet card and i need help. I have two computers and i want to connect them. I bought two cheap ethernet cards. (Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet PCI) I test the card. I is working. One of the computer that i am using is in windows98. and there is no problem with this one. First i want to tell the other computer.

EPOX EP-8KHA+ Mainboard
AMD Athlon XP 1700
256 DDR Ram
64 Mb Winfast Geforce 2 MX 400 Graphic Card
Creative Vibra 128 Sound Card
10 Gb Ultra 66 Seagate Harddisk
And the last Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet Card

I am using windows Xp operating system with this computer. At the begining i t says Hardware found and try to install ethernet card but it fails. ( Device failed) I already install the XP driver of my ethernet card but it didn't work. Could anybody help me about this problem.

Thank you...


I have two computers both running xp. One has the same card that you are using and i didnt have any trouble installing the card or xp installing drivers for it. Sometimes i do have problems with the 2nd comp recognizing that it is connected to the network so i go to network connections in control panel and right click on the connection that is listed and use the REPAIR option this works everytime. Try swapping the cards around between the comps and if that dont help take them back for a swap.


Hi again,

I want to say something more. The board that i am using EOPX EP-8KHA+ has sound device. [AV97 (Realtek Chipset)] I have problems with this sound card at windows xp also. It was working properly untill i update the version of bios. I restore the bios and sound card works, but when i install ethernet card both of the cards sound and ethernet doesn't work.

I am searching the answer full 4 days and really need help.



Looks like u have a conflict with the sound card. Try the network card in different pci slot. If that doesn't work, disable the sound card see if it work. If it work then go buy a new sound card.



First of all, i have two sound cards. One of them is one board and the other one is Sound Blaster Creative Vibra 128 PCI, i removed Sound Blaster from my board and i disabled on board sound card. But windows xp also gives an error message data is invalid when it opens and finds ethernet card.

I wonder If i change my ethernet card, will the problem solve or everytime the onboard sound card will be a problem for me and must i change my board. Which one more suitable and if i must change board which board i must buy?

Thank you...
This might be an ACPI problem. Try turning off ACPI i BIOS.
WARNING! This may require a full reinstallation of Windows XP!
I've never had this kind of problem myself, but I have heard of others that solved IRQ-problems by turning off ACPI. I have two RTL1839 cards in two XP computers (and two in a Linux), all working.



i installed windows 98 and my sound card and ethernet card are both working properly. :))

i don't know anything about ACPI. Could anyone tell me about ACPI. How can i turn off ACPI in bios.

Thank you...
ACPI has to do with automatically handing out rescources (such as IRQ:s) to devices. The only problem is that Windows supports this feature very badly. This sometimes results in all (or some) of the PCI cards to get the same IRQ.
(This would be ok if all PCI manufacturers followed the PCI standard correctly. Many don't, sometimes because they can get more performance and sometimes for other reasons.)
ACPI can be turned off somewhere i BIOS. Just look for ACPI somewhere in Power Management I think.


I think i know what your problem is... but did you install your ethernet card after installing XP? i had the same problem with my 2nd harddrive which i installed after installing XP i just recently reinstalled XP.. first i installed 98 then XP and no more driver problems.. also you might wanna try looking on line for an XP driver for your ether net card...

-Hope this helpz


I also try to install the drivers that XP has built in drivers for the RTL8139 with windows update also but update fails and windows couldn't update my ethernet card driver.
Originally posted by Umit
update fails and windows couldn't update my ethernet card driver.
Same prob here. Have tried a number of times. Windblows update tells me there is an update--->d/l it--->tells me can't update. Thanks M$ :p



I have 2 computers networked with the Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet PCI cards..

1st: P3 800, 256 ram, Soundblaster Live, TnT2 32, Win XP Pro, and the Realtek
2nd: (oldy) P200MMX, 64 ram, Soundblaster 16, ATI EXPERT 98 (ha), Win 98 and the Realtek
Linked with Linksys 4port Etherfast Cable/DSL Router......Sharing the Alcatel high speed modem.

The first computer had the same problem until I changed seats with the Soundblaster..Works good now.....Also make sure network card is not plugged in to network when doing fresh install of XP (doesn't like that at all). Maybe try unplugging when updating (if you haven't tried that yet).

:) :D :):)
Re: Heloooooooooo

Originally posted by SunbeamHigh
Also make sure network card is not plugged in to network when doing fresh install of XP (doesn't like that at all).
No that's not true. Installing XP with the network plugged in shouldn't affect anything. At least not to the worse. I've installed XP on alot of computers with the network plugged in (some even using the network to get the files).

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