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Windows XP activation question


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hi!, i'm new about using genuine copy of windows (xphome) how many times can i activate it?, coz msoffice (basic edition) is 5x times only and i can't activate it anymore it exceeded to required number of activation. i'm planning to format my pc coz i'm infected of many viruses but i can't decide don't know if i can still activate my xphome... any advice?.... Tnx in advance.


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Re: windows

What he said... You've bought a licence for one computer so there isn't any limit. :)


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Re: windows

madmatt said:
Same hardware? No limit.
Different hardware? Varies between two and three times.
Is that just for home? I'm pretty sure that on XP Pro your profile gets wiped every 120 days so you can effectively reinstall on completely different hardware up to 3 times every year without having to phone them at all.

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