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Windows XP Activation Key


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Hi, all. Listen, I got Windows XP Home from a supplier, and it installed OK and everything. But when I got all logged in and stuff, it told me that I have to activate Windows, and I had thirty days. I went ahead and went through the activation process by phone(as I am not allowed internet on my PC), but with no avail. Microsoft said "I am not able to find your registration key" (or something like that). Any way, I am in need of a way to activate my version of XP. Is there a universal code or something? Perhaps a program to find the correct one? :cry:
have you tried contacting the "supplier" and asking about your key?
Aside from that you're basically asking for pirated keys and since you "Live it for God" you probably don't wanna go that route

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if you have all the gumf that comes with an xp disc fire one into ms saying it is a legal copy (i assume it is anyway) and you want them to supply you with a working code, make sure you tell them the code excatly as it is, using a for apple b for balloon and so on so they have heard you correctly


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I would contact your supplier and ask them for the key you need to use to activate Windows. If they don't cooperate, then try calling Microsoft. There have been many lawsuits of late, 21 filed just the other month, about vendors or other people selling XP with the same key over and over again.

If you don't have a key already on your system, there isn't a program to give you one. Asking for someone else's key is no good either, as you wouldn't legitimately be eligible to use that key since you didn't purchase it.

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