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Windows Wont Boot

I try to boot windows and the screen will load, then the system will restart. I had had enough of my problems so i decided to do a recovery re-insall of XP, then when i loaded the XP disc in, it didn't give the option for the recovery install, it just skipped it. What can i do to get this thing working agian? It won't boot at all.
also, when i enter the recovery console, the console does not recognize a windows folder or admin password. just goes right to c:\
are you overclocking?? try to press F8 before the OS loads, and it will give you a menu. choose safe mode, and see if it will still boot.

Dr. Kramer

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I had this problem earlier in the year, tried everything under the sun to fix it, and as it turns out, it was some software that caused the problem. I don't know what software it was since i had to re-format. Do you have a backup of your drive in case you have to reformat?


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ya. a recovery installation (or repair installation) isn't really all that worth it. just reinstalls Windows, leaves all the clutter, and no registry entries to use the software. At least the way i see it a repair install isn't worth it. might be to somebody else though. meh.
oh well, spring break from my school is comming up, so i think i will have time to transfer all documents to another computer and reformat. fun fun. thank you all.

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