Windows Vista - need help on this.

I searched the forum but can't seem to find any info on this...

I installed Vista on a seperat partition on my XP machine so I could play with it. So I had a dual-boot system, with Vista being the default loading OS.

I got tired of Vista so wiped that partition clean and rebooted. I still have the dual boot prompt on y XP machine though and still with Vista as the default, even though it doesn't exist anymore.

My question is this: Where is the dual prompt coming from? Doesn't seem to be from boot.ini, definately not in Autoexec.bat, and I've check all (I think) files on the c:\ root for anything that could be edited to eliminate this prompt.

Can someone tell me where this is and how I get rid of it?



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If you right-click My Computer, go to Properties, and then the Advanced Tab. Click Settings under startup and recovery....

You can edit the time it takes, the default OS, and even click the "Edit" button to edit the boot menu. Hope it helps!


Better idea:

The new Vista loader overwrote the usual Ntldr that XP uses, so you can't configure it from XP at all, so let's get your NT Bootloader back!

1. Boot with XP CD
2. Go into Recovery Console
3. fixmbr
4. Reboot computer
5. Enjoying your XP loader again!


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I am not familiar with the Vista bootloader, but if it changes or replaces some of the bootfiles for XP you should also run fixboot to rewrite the correct bootfiles.
now... everytime I boot scandisk wants to check the drive I had vista on. I reformatted the drive after I removed VISTA but scandisk still isn't happy.


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It's been replaced by a tool called bcedit.exe that you need to use to edit boot menu entries.
Of course, fixboot would just overwrite the boot sector, replacing it with the default one, so that was the easiest thing to do in your situation.
I've already reinstalled my favourite linux distro on my second hard drive, but still get the vista bootloader menu after selecting windows xp pro from grub.

can i fix the nt loader problem without killing grub? grub is installed in master boot record, but vista loader still comes up to get to xp... that's strange... shouldn't grub overwrite the mbr?

do you think i have to use the recovery console to get back xp ntloader, then reinstall linux to get grub back?
or maybe someone will figure out how to get bcdedit to run on xp? cause all that needs to be done is change the default os, i don't need ntloader back...
baser5nature ...

From what I experienced I would do the same thing I did because that was the only thing that worked for me to get back to a normal default boot. That was because Vista had been deleted before I discovered the boot problem.

fixboot repaired mine. once you run fixboot, you can probably edit boot.ini to restore your dual boot configuration. If not, well then you will probably end up re-installing your Linux

Also, you'll get a faster response from others if you create a new post rather than piggy backing on this one, cause this is an old post. feel free to reference this post in your new one if you do.

hope this helps