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Windows Vista Blocks Updates?


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I'm trying to help a friend of mine. She has Windows Vista and it says that automatic updates is on, but on her taskbar it tells her its not. She cannot even update her McAfee Virus Program. I suggested to try Running As Administrator, checking to see if a firewall could be blocking it, had her check to see if the "Install Updates Automatically" was checked, checked to see if the "Automatic Updating" was on, suggested adding Windows Update to the Exceptions section under Firewall and she has checked everything. It is all set up like that and she is still having problems with it.

I have Windows Vista too and I am not having any problems at all with it. I read through these threads and I thought that maybe someone here would have a suggestion or know what is going on, so that I can help her with her problem. Thanks!!
This may sound stupid, but has she tried rebooting?

My symptoms weren't exactly the same, but I've often had updated that would refuse to install under Vista, giving some seemingly random and meaningless error code. Rebooting solved the problem; the updates installed fine then. The error code didn't say anything about rebooting; I've just learned this from experience.

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