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The neighbours 'puter had to be reformatted due to ongoing problems - when I reinstalled everything I loaded the SP2 disc and then set it for auto updates.

The problem is the followung 2 updates will not load, Malicious software removal (KB3890830) and GDI (KB873374). Have checked the Macafee firewall is not stopping it, but cant seem to find any obvious probs.

Can anyone suggest the best way to get them on (delete SP2 and start again etc)?


(it all loaded fine before, with no software changes)


when i try to update from the microsoft website i get a message saying 'files required to use windows update are no longer registered or installed on your computer'. so i click register or reinstall button, it reinstalls and reigsters. so i try and update again. same message. i restart comp. same message. anyone no wat to do.


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Bob, Are you using the Windows Update service or the Microsoft Update service? If you are still using the Windows Update it might be worth a shot to update to the newer and improved Microsoft Update.

There is a link on the Windows Update page to do so.

[edit] I see you still get an error message using the above link so chances are this wont make a difference either.


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bobsalot - did u get any further with this problem. Neighbour still cannot get it to do any sort of updates (even after another reformat)


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Pop in your XP CD, then hit Start, go to Run and then type CMD to open a command prompt.

Type "sfc scannow"

This will compare your current system files to verified versions off the CD, should help.

If not, please post more detailed error information (is displayed in top right corner) when WU fails.


tibboh said:
bobsalot - did u get any further with this problem. Neighbour still cannot get it to do any sort of updates (even after another reformat)
i got it to work eventually. just left it a couple of days and i could update. hope you get help soon.


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Try disabling auto update, reboot, then re-enable auto update.

If that doesn't work uninstall the ActiveX control for Windows/Microsoft Update and re-run Microsoft Update.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to: C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files
Right click the WUWebControl Class and/or MUWebControl Class and select Remove

Try running Microsoft Update again.

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