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Windows Update showing updates I already have

Simple one I hope. At home I dont have broadband so I downloaded IE7 at work and istalled it at home. The problem is that Windows Update keeps showing me IE7 as an update. Is there a way to tell it that I have IE7? I know I can get it to stop showing me the update by ticking the little box but if Windows Update doesnt think I have IE7, will it not show me any related updates?

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, one other question - have you actually tried to install it once/twice or are you just assuming you don't want to install IE7 because you already have it installed?
Thanks for the quick responce
1 - Its IE7 itself, not an update for IE7
2 - Its not a beta/release candidate
3 - I'll try and re-install IE7 by removing it and putting it back on
Sorry for the long delay. After 3 unistall and reinstalls Windows Update finally accepted that I had IE7. Thanks for all the help. FunkyB

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