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Taken from another site

I have found Microsoft Update, the successor of Windows & Office Update.

Microsoft Update installs as a separate service, so you can still access Windows Update V4, V5 or V6 beta (the version installed before starting Microsoft Update) using the Windows Update shortcut in the Start menu, and Office Update through the Microsoft Office Online, while at the same time, by clicking on the Microsoft Update icon in your Start menu, you reach Microsoft Update.

So here are the links of all current update services:

Office Update:

Windows Update V4:

Windows Update V5: Sorry, is v5consumer.

Windows Update V6: WARNING! It overwrites the V5 version, and there is no known way of returning to V5 after installing V6!

Microsoft Update (updates ALL Microsoft products): Note: it supports EVERYTHING in WUV6 + Office Update, and, installing it doesn't overwrite Windows Update.

And all of them are multilanguage!

I think, It's very good to see Windows & Office Update unite
.o0 second thoughts I am sure I have seen this before!


Xie said:
Yeah I believe SP2 moved you from v4 to v5 of windows update.

Via the beta tester section you can also access v5a.

I know a lot of the savvy's here may have known it, reasons for posting it was for non sp2 users and also some at the site I quoted it from were shocked it existed, which I found very odd indeed. :s Maybe I am thinking I might get the same response.


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who here has updated to using the v5a microsoft update?
for those who have, are you experiencing problems loading web pages after the updates?


I tried it, no problems, but, to be safe I deleted windows partition and restored a back-up image.


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ming said:
who here has updated to using the v5a microsoft update?
for those who have, are you experiencing problems loading web pages after the updates?

In IE or on general? I use firefox and its all good over here. I didn't see any problems yet, it ran its little update check and everything is fine :)
Nicely done, Lee. Thanks for the heads up. I've been waiting for this. :)

It's a great idea to integrate all the MS update services into a single one. I usually end up updating Windows the day the updates are out, but I don't check OfficeUpdate as often. The new system should be much more convenient.


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I think the problem with integrating OfficeUpdate is that about 20% of the updates require the CD to be installed.

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