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27 Dec 2001
The last few days I've had a strange occurrence in which a Windows sound would somehow be disabled on its own. The sound is the 'click' that is made when a browser button or link is clicked. When I first noticed the sound had quit, I went to the Sounds tab under Sounds and Audio Devices in the control panel, and selected the Windows default. This fixed the problem but it has happened again several times since. I never change the sound scheme and so I dont' know what is making the change. Also, I haven't noticed any other sound being disabled, only this one. Anyone know what could be doing this?
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hehehehe im sorry I have no idea either, i cant understand how it does it by itself.

Try assigning another sound to it and see what happens
Yep, try assigning another sound to your click as the default sound file might be corrupted in a way or another, misplaced or something...

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