Windows scans hard drive on every boot


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ok, here is the story. One day I was sitting there playing WoW(like any other moment I'm not sleeping) and my computer froze up and I had to reboot. Upon restarting I got an error on my G drive that trillian.exe was corrupted, so I fixed that no worries...then I scanned the hdd with windows scandisk mabobber and got no problems. Then I scanned with westerndigitals little tool and everything was ok. I cant find anything wrong with the hdd but windows keeps scanning it on EVERY boot(yes I let it finish scanning). It's nice having an OS that cares about my hard drive, but I'm getting tired of it:mad:. Any thoughts or ways to disable the scan? I am going to backup the drive and format the hdd later tonight; let’s hope that fixes it…..? Thanks in advance


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I gave in and formatted the drive. Problem solved :) THanks for that bit there kcnychief I will have to remember that one :p


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Well, glad to see it worked out either way :)

I had noticed you weren't online for awhile after making that post, I figured you had gone to format. :s

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