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Windows Quicklaunch on Taskbar


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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help me out? The problem is that all my icons(Media Player, IE and so on) have disappeared from the Quicklaunch section on the Taskbar. It all started after i had done some security updateds from Microsoft. The machine restarted and they were gone. Tried everything i could think of to restore them but to no avail. I am using WinXP. Can someone out there help me find a solution to my problem? In advance, thanks.


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Hi and welcome to OSNN! First off, are you sure that your Quicklaunch bar is active? Right-click the taskbar, select Toolbars, and make sure that Quicklaunch is checked. If it is but no icons are there, then the best thing to do is just drag the icons you want back there. I'm not sure what the exact cause of your problem is, could just be a glitch with the updates you installed.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Feel a bit on the stupid side now. Why is it that the obvious is always the simple answer. Was trying all the wrong things and forgot all about the right click, it is working now. Thanks for replying and giving me your advice. Hanging my head dow in embarassment :eek: :)

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