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windows or hardware error please help



Hi Guys

I have been running windows xp pro for about 11 months now without any problems in that time i have done a coulpe of clean installs without a problem.

I have now bought a new hard drive a Western Digital 40 gig se,The problem i now have is after twice reinstalling windows i receive the following message .

Ikernel.exe application error

The instruction at "0v771c741a" referanced memory at "0x001633a8" The memory could not be "read"

What i need to know is this a windows problem with sp1 or some of the latest updates all of which i installed.This is the first time i have clean installed and added the sp1 without the other software being installed although i was using sp1 with my last installation and never had the problem.

Or is this a memory problem ( I have ran mem doc to check and all was ok)

Or could this be a problem with the new hard drive!!!!.

If anyone has seen this error or has any suggestions please let me know before i start taking things to bit one by one to find the problem or have to install windows again!!!!.



Hi, Welcome to the NTFS.org forum.

Okay I did a little searching and Ikernel.exe is part of install shield. First I would try these fixes:
Clean out your Temp directory,C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\Local Settings\Temp
Delete the Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\engine folder

if neither of those work, heres a link Install Shield's knowledgebase
Install Shield Engine

This is usually a software related error, or device drive problem, or can be caused by a partial (or old) version of the .NET service being installed.

This is not likely to be a problem with SP1 more likely to be something like software trying to access memory that does not exist or is “out of bounds”. There is a slight possibility that not enough physical memory is installed on your machine.

Some dodgy formatted XML pages have also been known to generate this fault along with old applications written for NT4.

Please post the memory dump “small” so that we can analyse it.



Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies.

I have been doing a bit of work on this by doing another!!!!!:mad: Reinstall of windows and sp1 and the critical updates bit by bit to see if i could find out what was causing the fault.

The problem seems to be with one of microsofts critical updates

Q328310 secuirity update.

Everything works and error free until i install this update then I will get the above error when i try to install the software and drivers for my kodak usb card reader and a few other similar software applications that i install which restarts the system.Before it restarts i get the message.

looks like i will have to either live with the error message which doesnt seem to effect the installation of the software or i will just leave out the update unless anyone can think of why this should happen.

As this is a new update I dont suppose i will be the only person to experiance this fault.It probably wont affect most xp users until they do a clean install!!!



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