Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista


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NR, were you able to download the x64 version? I keep getting an error page.

Got it. Thanks for the head's up NR.
This build is great. Looks like it's finally achieved full feature-parity with ActiveSync, and loads up much faster than Beta 3 did on my machine.

Just installed Voice Command on my Wizard with no problems. :)

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Yeah, you buggers neglected to mention I needed another download when I connected my phone.

Was going out of my gord trying to figure out why I couldn't sync anything other than music to my phones memory.

The confusing part is that there was an item called "Windows Mobile Device Center" in the Vista control panel already, so I didn't realise I needed another download.

Anyway, installed beta3 last night and installed the final this morning (it shamefully already thinks my device already existed and wouldn't let me use the existing profile so I had to remove all of them before heading to work)

Working nicely now, I have redone all my contacts so they look pretty, added photos where I could, emails, IMs - all very cool.

Only issues I still need to work out:
- Letting WMP11 see the expansion card and not the phones memory. (tried a work around and it really wasn't going for it..)
- Picutre message setup.

Then eventually setting up my own exchange server at home so I can check out the other half of this funkiness.

Anyway huge coincidence that I get this thing yesterday and they update the software today :)
Yeah, you buggers neglected to mention I needed another download when I connected my phone.
Hehe...oops. :D

The thing is, since I sync with my Exchange server over-the-air, I never used WMDC to sync contacts, emails, tasks etc, so I forgot to mention that you need to download it. Even when installing apps, I usually try to get CAB files rather than installers whenever possible, and you don't need WMDC then either.

In fact, I won't really need WMDC for anything other than the odd apps that are only available as installers.
You'll really love your phone once you pair it up with Exchange; you'll rarely have to plug it into your computer. :)

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Oh yeah, how do I actually install applications?

edit: Update -- Picture messages now working!
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To install an application on your WM device you either run the EXE from within Windows or if it is a CAB file, copy it to your device and launch it from your device to start the installation.


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Thanks for the heads up, grabbing it now :)

I also have to express my love for Exchange on my phone, can't remember the last time I had to plug it in. 8525 seems much more stable than the 8125 was, great investment on my part.

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