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Windows Media Player 9 (Spyware)

Don’t know what to make of this but all who have downloaded the beta version of Media-Player (XP) you need to be aware that if you have an Internet connection open and play any music file and then click on album details a unique ID of your machine is created and sent to MS at Redmond along with other info (lots). Is this spywhare?

If I hand not got the systems in place to trap this sort of thing would have gone un-noticed. This is unacceptable!!!

Anyone else trapped this or am I just getting more and more cynical?
It depends if you have checked the option to send a unique id to whenever wmp9 connects to the net. i have wmp9 n hav no probs.


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WMP 8 did the same thing.
if you are really paronoid about MS getting your detail (They probebly have them anyway) Install firewall and block WMP9 internet accses.

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