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Windows Me problem, VIAO Sony Laptop



My mom ha bought this laptop about 2 years ago. Now its starting to actup. Explorer is crash ever time the computer is turned on. It has 600 mghz and, 126 ram. If any one has any suggeston pla post here. I'm planning to reformat if all else fail.



Overclocked Like A Mother
Yes, I will concur with Bootsy,

WinME, is not stable, no matter how you try, no matter how many patches MS puts out to fix it. (I don't even think ME is supported at all anymore, even MS put it's own OS out to pasture early) Go for Win2000 or even XP.

If ya really don't want to move to Win2K or XP, you could step back to 98se, this is still infinitely more secure than Me, although is no longer offers MS support (if ya need it, as already mentioned by the guys in the posts above).
Me is probably Microsoft's worst offering in the last 10 years. Avoid it like the plague, especially when used on an excellent laptop such as a Sony Viao :) ;)
ME is not sold by MS any longer. I believe it is still supported but only because it's still under it's license model. MS even recommends against new installations of ME. If it has worked alright up until now then a reformat will probably fix your issues, but as everyone else has said, you should switch to something a bit more stable.


i dont think there is a way fr me to gret win 2000 no the laptop, but i do have the cd for xp home. Whatt u guys think?
I think that the 600mhz are just about enuff to run it properly ( a bit bogged down) but where I see a problem is with the ram. You shoud have at least 256 of ram to run XP...specially if you have shared video ram loke I think you do on that machine. I say, get another stick of ram (if the laptop is upgradable). and then going with XP.

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