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Windows ME on a laptop problem...


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I'm trying to figure out a way to reinstall ME on a laptop. Here are the catches...

Internal CD-Rom is busted
Hard drive is partitioned and the os is only on a 2g partition the other 4g have info tied to windows.
The OS is contained on the usual restore disk from Sony in an Image format

I do however have a usb CD-R/W drive, but the restore disk doesn't boot from it and I can't set it as a boot device in BIOS.

I have managed to stabilize it some, but would prefer to fdisk and make it one partition for such a small drive but don't know how I would re-install windows.

Any suggestions guys and gals?
1) Replace the CDRW, except that if the drive is 6 GB and the bios doesn't support USB boot it must be ancient and something else could die at any time so it's not worth the cost.

2) Get a laptop to IDE drive adapter cable and use your desktop CD Drive. I could not find one (plenty for the opposite direction, 2.5 drive to desktop connector for 5-6 dollars) but I did not search that long.

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