windows ME + more ram


6 Jan 2004
I am adding more ram to a windows ME machine of mine PC133 128 is in it now, and adding 133mhz x 128mb. I put it in and all my main windows parts crash (kernel and such) but when i take it out, it boots up fine. I have put both in single and both work. Any idea on what could cause windows to do this ?
did u try doing them alone in each slot? it sounds like one of ur SDRAM slots is bad
yea, i tried them everywhere, i am thinking it might be something with norton internet security. I shouldn't have to change anything in bios should i?
does the bios recognize both as being plugged in when you turn it on? where exactly in the boot process does everything go haywire
yea it reconizes the ram, it loads windowsME, then goes to the desktop and is about to load the icons, and an error msg pop's up.

Msgsrv32 has caused an error in <unknown>
msgsrv32 will now close

Msxml.dll has caused an error in <unknown>
Msxml.dll will now close

Mdm has caused an error in <unknown>
Mdm will now close

Shlwapi.dll has caused an error in <unknown>
Shlwapi.dll will now close

after i close one then the other comes up, then once they are all done, it just stops on the desktop with no icons up.
It sounds like the RAM you bought is bad, take it back.

WinME = buggy
Norton IS = buggy

WinME + NIS = Eminent crash

Drop NIS and get Sygate for a firewall.
Well, bad news. WinME simply can't handle that much RAM if I remember correctly. I once read somewhere that the memory subsystem has severe problems if you go over a certain limit. But yes, it does sound like bad ram-hardware. I also recommend getting the ram changed. After that, do some testing and if you still have the same problems, either forget using so much ram or grab winxp. :) good luck nevertheless!

P.S. if nothing helps at your second test, boot windows in safe mode and see if the same symptoms still appear.
WinME can handle up to 512MB of RAM with no problems, with more than 512MB you have to modify the VCACHE settings.
well i put one stick and boot, it works then the other in and it works, i am just going to format the box for him and put on a different OS, i told him that ME was crappy..
j79zlr said:
WinME can handle up to 512MB of RAM with no problems, with more than 512MB you have to modify the VCACHE settings.

that might depend on each individual system. i went ahead and installed ME on here to see how it would go and everything is ok, it has 1gb pc133. i never messed with the setting you're mentioning. could you be more specific. i'd like to see if it is already at whatever setting you're mentioning.

thanks for any info

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