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Windows Installer Invalid?



I just installed Windows XP on my main computer from scratch. When I try to install MS Office XP it tells me that Windows Installer may be invalid, however when I put the CD in upstairs it will let me install if I want to. I really need to install Office downstairs, it's almost usless on the other computer.

Someone please help.. Thank you.


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First thing I would with a new install of Xp is run WindowsUpdate and get all of the updates that u feel u need. By doing that in thoery u updates ur Windows Installer. If that doesn't work then I really doubt my other idea would work but I'll listed it anyways. If u have a LAN then on the system that it will let u install Office Xp make a folder and copy the cd into it, then do a search on the same system for the windows installer then copy both the folder with office and the installer to the other system and then try it.

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