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Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable



Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable

The Microsoft® Windows® Installer is an application installation and configuration service. WindowsInstaller-KB893803-x86.exe is the redistributable package for installing or upgrading Windows Installer.

Issues that are addressed in Windows Installer 3.1
• Windows Installer now logs null characters ("[~]") correctly when the characters are used in a registry value marker or in a service dependency.
• The MsiGetFileHash function now works correctly for very large unversioned files. These files may be about 2 GB.
• The MediaSrcProp property of a patch is now set to the original launched-from location when the patch is installed. The MediaSrcProp property is set to the cached patch location for subsequent transactions.
• The progress bar now works correctly even if the package contains a file that is larger than 2 GB.
• Patching of isolated components now works.
• Target information for a custom action is no longer logged when the custom action fails if the custom action is marked to hide the target.
• Error 1642 (ERROR_PATCH_TARGET_NOT_FOUND) is returned even if only one Windows Installer 2.0-style inapplicable patch is being applied.
• Applying a full-file Windows Installer 2.0-style patch that contains companion files no longer requires access to the source media.
• Windows Installer 3.1 performance has been enhanced during initialization of a package that contains many features.
• Windows Installer 3.1 now correctly handles the scenario where a minor update package exists and an obsolete or superseded patch also exists.
• Patch application now handles cases where the Sequence column of the Patch table is larger than 32,767.
• Windows Installer 3.1 now sends INSTALLSTART_ACTIONSTART messages for all actions.
• In Windows Installer 3.0 and earlier versions, if you applied several major upgrade patches, subsequent installations occasionally failed. This issue is now fixed.
• Windows Installer no longer incorrectly initiates a repair operation when a component contains a 32-bit assembly on a 64-bit computer.
• The patch sequencer no longer incorrectly rejects a valid patch during administrative image patching.
• Windows Installer 3.1 no longer skips script custom actions that are marked as asynchronous.

Can be downloaded from here

News source can be accessed here


OSNN One Post Wonder
Pls can anyone can help am have problem on installing
Virtual Server2005 R2 below is an error message any help pls

msiexec /Option <Required Parameter> [Optional Parameter]

Install Options
</package | /i> <Product.msi>
Installs or configures a product
/a <Product.msi>
Administrative install - Installs a product on the network
/j<u|m> <Product.msi> [/t <Transform List>] [/g <Language ID>]
Advertises a product - m to all users, u to current user
</uninstall | /x> <Product.msi | ProductCode>
Uninstalls the product
Display Options
Quiet mode, no user interaction
Unattended mode - progress bar only
Sets user interface level
n - No UI
b - Basic UI
r - Reduced UI
f - Full UI (default)
Help information
Restart Options
Do not restart after the installation is complete
Prompts the user for restart if necessary
Always restart the computer after installation
Logging Options
/l[i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|x|+|!|*] <LogFile>
i - Status messages
w - Nonfatal warnings
e - All error messages
a - Start up of actions
r - Action-specific records
u - User requests
c - Initial UI parameters
m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information
o - Out-of-disk-space messages
p - Terminal properties
v - Verbose output
x - Extra debugging information
+ - Append to existing log file
! - Flush each line to the log
* - Log all information, except for v and x options
/log <LogFile>
Equivalent of /l* <LogFile>
Update Options
/update <Update1.msp>[;Update2.msp]
Applies update(s)
/uninstall <PatchCodeGuid>[;Update2.msp] /package <Product.msi | ProductCode>
Remove update(s) for a product
Repair Options
/f[p|e|c|m|s|o|d|a|u|v] <Product.msi | ProductCode>
Repairs a product
p - only if file is missing
o - if file is missing or an older version is installed (default)
e - if file is missing or an equal or older version is installed
d - if file is missing or a different version is installed
c - if file is missing or checksum does not match the calculated value
a - forces all files to be reinstalled
u - all required user-specific registry entries (default)
m - all required computer-specific registry entries (default)
s - all existing shortcuts (default)
v - runs from source and recaches local package
Setting Public Properties

Consult the Windows ® Installer SDK for additional documentation on the
command line syntax.

Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Portions of this software are based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.


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abdulskwaheed said:
Pls can anyone can help am have problem on installing
Virtual Server2005 R2 below is an error message any help pls
Hey abdulskwaheed, you better post this as a new topic, probably in the Windows Applications section. I'm sure you'll get more help this way.

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