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12 Jan 2004
I have a prob where the windows explorer window will not maximize when opening it. I set it to maximize and it still opens in restore mode. I have tried everything from Regedit tweaks to dragging it and not maximizing it. It will not work at all. Anyone know what it could be ??

Also I am having a prob where some folder won't remember the last views state. What I mean is that if I open the directory and it's in icon view and I set it to thumbnail, go out of the directory, then go back in the directory it will be back at icons view. Anyone know what this could be ???

Thanx for any help ..
Your Windows Explorer problem could be the properties settings for the executable's shorcut. Right-click on the shortcut for Windows Explorer.
Under the 'Shortcut' tab, check that the 'Run' setting says Normal Window or Maximised, and not minimised.

If you have more than one shortcut for WE, you may need to alter them all as above.
For your folder view back up the registry & try these>

How to set the folders and make them stick
To make the folder settings stay, there are two methods,

A) One is to delete the two registry entries (after backing them up).

B) Another is to add the entry "BagMRU Size" and set it to a value greater than 400 that is the default
Go to:-
and add a DWORD called
BagMRU Size
and give it a value of
Then go to :-
make a DWORD called
BagMRU Size
and give it a value of
I'm too lazy to look but the option you seek might be in //run/gpedit.msc/User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Internet Explorer/

See screenshot.


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That is we are talking about XP pro as home does not have group policy.
Thanx for the info .. BAGmru was the first thing I tried .. It did'nt work. I am using home edition. I have no idea what it could be .. It's driving me crazy to say the least though .. I don't have any shortcuts for it either. This is with any folder I open up, whether it be my computer or control panel. None of them will maximize when starting and the folder views won't stay.

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