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Windows Explorer default action problem


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As you can see, "search" is the default option and when I double click a folder, it doesn't open the folder but the search window comes up. Im' not sure how I did this, but I think it happened after I was fooling around with >folder options>file types>.

Now when I go there, there isn't even the open option to add as default. I tried adding it manually by adding "Open" and using the application "explorer.exe" and that works, however it opens a new window every time instead of staying in the same window.

WindowsXP SP1

So, any thoughts?



Start Registry Editor (Regedit).
Locate and then click the Default value under the following keys in the registry

if this problem occurs with drives:

If this problem occurs with folders:

Click Modify on the Edit menu.
Type none in the Value data box, and then click OK.
Quit Registry Editor.

The problem is caused by a bug in Folder Options

This problem occurs when you open the Edit File Type dialog box for the Drive or File Folder registered file types. For example, this problem occurs for folders if you complete the following procedure:
Open the folder, and then click Folder Options on the Tools menu.
Click File Folder in the Register file types list, and then click Advanced.
After you perform this procedure, the None setting is removed from the value data for the Default string value in the following registry key:

NOTE: This problem occurs even if you do not create a new action, edit existing actions, or change the default action in the Edit File Type dialog box.


OSNN Senior Addict
Hey, thanks bro *highfive*

I looked around but I didn't know what exactly to search for to answer that. I suppose this is just an OS error then?

anyways, thanks.

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