News Windows 8 Developer preview now available!

Just remember this is only at developer status meaning the OS has not even reached beta yet.

This release is mostly for developers to start making sure there applications will be compatible with 8 or to develop new ones for the OS.
I've got installed but it's useless to me atm... it freezes ever few mins for about 30 secs or so..
VMWare Workstation 8 comes with VMWare Player 4. VMWare website only has the free download of Player 3.

I've tried it. I don't like that you can't close out of apps without invoking the task manager. I get a little stuttering here and there with VMWare Player 4. I'm going to try to play with it a bit more for the next week or so.
ah. You might be having issues due to windows 8 having hyper-v built in and active if you have a SLAT enabled processor (which means the core i series from intel and later opteron and phenom II's from amd).

Running a hypervisor inside a hypervisor doesn't work too well.

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