Windows 7, performance on note and net books.


21 Jun 2002
Hey people out there all over the world.

yes windows 7 is out. most of us have a copy of it, 64 or 32, cracked or legit.
Should be legit since today is may 5th and they give it away for free so hmmm. strange actions by people.

anyways Reviews. thoughts. ideas. heck maybe something that ms can even look at that OSNN has to offer.
Windows 7 hardware reviews. and so on.

if you want to. please do so i dont look like a looser ha ha ha. post the specs. version installed and let us know what you think. cpu usage doing things. mem usage and speed accessing things. also if you people out there who put it on a netbook. i really want to hear from you. they are nice toys, and Microsoft wants 7 on most of them so lets see how they did....

please take the time to post ha ha ha.
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21 Jun 2002
Lenovo T60
CPU: T2500 2.00Ghz
MEM: 4gb DDR 2 (3 useable)
Intel Turbo memory 4gb (useless LOL)
250gb Seagate sata II drive
DVD burner
WIFI: Intel B/G, Bluetooth.

Well i installed the OS about 3 days ago due to the TechNet release.
I was impressed with the installation. It was quick. Also getting network access in the installation to get updates right from the get go is a nice touch.

Once i was up and going windows updates automatically launched again installing the Lenovo devices on my notebook. Everything was installed. all drivers were up to date when i tried to replace them with mfg supplied ones.

over the past few days ive been noticing some interesting things. the CPU for me sits at about 30% most of the time. I do have avast running and everything loads the moment i click but its just different.
Memory usage on its own is about 530mb, i keep my outlook open all the time and an ie page for monitoring and i sit at about 1gb memory usage all the time. tho its a lot higher than say XP. Everything is loading very quickly. i do not have to wait for anything to start other than photoshop.

Media playback is nice. the slim version of media player is a nice thing. not so huge now. tho drag and drop folders into it took a bit to figure out where the "now playing" playlist was.

with just media player opened playing files locally. about 15% cpu usage. tho when playing media from a network share its 23% on average.

the 2 main things ive noticed are that IE8 cant read some web code right and java goes funky and stupid at times. one issue is it wont read the site right at all compared to xp or vista.

also my big beef... Playing media files through wifi.
XP laptop its fine. Vista laptop its fine. 7 Laptop not so fine. about 30-40 min into the movie, media player goes stupid. nothing wrong on server end. and side by side playing it the vista notebook is still going when 7 just dies. either looses the stream or media player errors out and dies.

dont know if its just me but its annoying since all my main media is on a server.

if anyone else has anything please comment or post.


OSNN Advanced
17 Jun 2003
Runs like a whiz on the Intel Core processors, but sluggish on the Atom (netbook) ones.

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