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I plan to install Windows 2003 on empty partition on my pc. Its about 8 gigs. I already have Windows XP installed and use it as my primary OS. But my question is, if I install windows 2003, will it mess around with anything on my windows xp partition? Like it wont let me boot to my windows xp partition, or will there be a menu to chose from? Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, it can be done. It's just like dual-booting XP with any other OS. Server 2003 should automatically detect the XP installation and add it to the boot menu.
If by some chance it does not, you can always add your XP partition to the boot.ini file on the W2k3 partition.
Go for it. :)


It rocks. Been running it for three months now. Before that I just wouldn't give 2k up. XP sucks.


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I dont get it...if you install this on anthoer drive. It will run a 2003 server instead of the xp one??
Originally posted by bman™
I dont get it...if you install this on anthoer drive. It will run a 2003 server instead of the xp one??
Windows Server 2003 is not just a server application like Apache or IIS. Like XP, it is an operating system in itself, yet optimized to run the latest version of IIS. So like any other OS, it can be installed on a separate partition, and dual-booted with XP.
Windows XP wasn't really meant to be a server OS although XP Pro includes IIS.
Windows Server 2003 is a successor to Windows 2000 Server, and is designed exclusively to run Web, FTP, Telnet, VPN and other servers. The OS is optimized to handle high server loads better. Most of the unneccesary services like audio and DirectX are disabled by default, leaving greater resources for the server itself.

Find out more about it on this page:


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Thanks for all the help!! Just one more thing...Im just a bit do you have to duelboot it or can u just run the server2003, cause u said it is a OS aswell?


I think NetRyder means that it is an Operating system as well as win xp, so u can just dualboot win2003 and winxp, or install win2003 separatly


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wow, did I ever change this thread...anyways...Have you, or do you know anybody who have done this. ok, i think im done now!

Thanks for all the help!!!!

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I use Windows 2003 standard at work and XP at home.
I really don't need to use a server os on my home system.
If you are looking to upgrade to 2003 from xp then you are being misled by the 2003 name. 2k pro or xp are the workstations, 2k srv or win2ksrc are the servers.
You should really upgrade to 2003 srv if you have been previously using 2k srv or nt 4

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I think we need a 2003 topic stand alone from the "other operating systems"

especailly with those evaluation thingys microsoft released for a couple a seconds

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yeah may break it down into a workstation/home use & server type thing.

Needs thinking about tho... I never *ahem* rush into things/


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OK, 2003 is a server, and a windows Server at that, this means it is purposely receiving requests from the internet (if connected). This is going to make the OS less secure than a Windows OS designed as a workstation (XP or 2k Pro). An inarguable fact is that Windows servers are notoriously insecure by default (note by default), and unless you have the know-how to secure it, it should not be run as your primary OS. Just take note of the problems of late, now you are automatically opening up ports 21, 25, and 80 for FTP, Email, and an internet server.

I think alot of people are running 2003 because it was free, but the evaluation period should be about up, and after the official release was supposed to be uninstalled. I just don't understand why there are so many questions about running games, my audio doesn't work, etc., well the short answer is because 2003 is not a desktop OS.

Sorry, little rant there.

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