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window size help!!!!



every time i open a window (e.g internet explorer or windows explorer etc) it open as maximum. that is fine but the problem is the maximum setting os the window are so big that there are some bits inside which i cannot read as it is ouside the view of my monitor. i cant move my cursor over and make it smaller as my cursor wont go that far (i.e wide of the screen). the bottom and top of the windows are ok but the arrows dont seem to appear as well, even though there well inside the view of the monitor. Is there anyway through registry editor or otherwise that i can change the size of the maximum windows that open because i can't do it the conventional way (with arrows). (i could use restore down and use arrows to set it to cover my whole screen, but then i would not have a restore down option and all my windows would cover the whole screen)
OS is Win XP Pro


Not sure this is what you are talking about - but I will give it a try anyway.

Right click on the header (mine is blue and say XP-erience.org etc)

Left click move - a positioning cursor (4 way arrow) will appear

Left click and hold on cursor and drag window in any direction you want and release it when you expose an edge of the window.

Use your mouse to get the 2 way arrow on the edge of the window and left click and hold to drag the edge to a smaller size.

Go back to move, and drag window back until centered and if it is still too big - do it all over again - I have had to do all four sides on occasion.

Now I don't know why - but once it has been resized - it seems to open to that size from then on!

And of course if it does it again - you know how to fix it!

Hope this is of some help!


i cant use the move or size functions as they are grey (e.g not functional) i can use it when i restore down the window, but not then its maxed out which is what the problem is

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try resizing your resolution..best would be 1024X768 and see if you can rsize it by dragging the corners to your preference then close out of I.E then restart it. See if it remembers your sizing settings.


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There are buttons or knobs on the front (or under the front) of your monitor. They are used to change the display features like height, width, center etc.


I'm sorry Hal...
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open only 2 explorer windows, right click on the task bar and click tile windows....(either one). Close one window
then you should be able to grab a corner of the windows and resize it to a decent size then close the window, when you reopen it it shoul dbe the same size

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