Window prob- Please Help



Im still having this odd problem that I dont know how to fix....

Whenever I open Internet Explorer, It opens so that only the TITLE BAR is visible. This means it automatically opens in an extreme minimized state (so that only the title bar is visible).

This has become extremely annoying, becuase everytime I want to open a browser, I not only have to click on my IE shortcut, but I also have to click again to maximize the window.

This Also happens when opening links within the browser... Someone plz tell me whats going on, and how to fix it.

Thanks in advance


The first instance of IE should remember its settings. I'd suggest doing two things:

1) Right click on the shortcut you use to open IE, select properties, and set it to open Maximized.

2) Open IE, make sure to maximize it (if it doesn't open maximized), then hold down the Shift Key and close the window.

With any luck, it will continue to open maximized from now on. Subsequent instances are a whole other story.