Windos XP Home + 1 Gig of Ram


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Hi, having problem running Windows XP Home with a Gig of ram, I can run 512mb Ram stable, but as soon as I put the extra 512mb Ram in the board it hangs either at startup or after a couple of minutes,

The board is a MSI 845PE MAX 2, Ram is DDR 266Mhz (Major)

But i have tried the ram in seprately to elimate a bad ram chip and it works fine either in Bank 0 or Bank 1, also have re-flashed the bios, any ideas?:(


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Some motherboards had problems with DDR ram when running 2 or 3 banks. esp with large amounts, this could be the case or not the case. have you tried to relax the memory timings and those sorts of settings in the Bios? are the chips identical because sometimes random problems appeared with non matching pairs, altho very rare and uncommon that problem.
Also, I haven't checked out how many DIMM slots your motherboard has, but, if it has 3, have you tried putting them in slots 2 and 3 (instead of 1 and 2)?


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also try 1 and 3 for the RAM, also make sure that they are all of the same spec, like the CAS latency and stuff, if they are even the slighest bit different you can have problems


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The Ram is Excatly the same bought at the same time, and the board has only 2 DDR Slots

I think it my be a faulty board, but I might try running W2K Server if this works fine then the must be a problem with the board and Win XP Home

Could always try my other machines version of XP Pro, and see if i get the same prob.

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