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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Ramanuman, Aug 22, 2003.

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    So I'm playing bass along with some mp3 and wav files of songs I've got to learn.
    The bass is plugged in the mic entry, and I'm playing the sound files either on Winamp or SoundForge.

    At some point I stop Winamp to practise a little passage, but when I start the song again, no sound is coming out.
    I try with SoundForge : Same thing. Everything that should come out of the "Wave/Direct Sound" output on the mixer is mute. The bass from the "mic" out is fine though.

    I panic, check everything I can think of, then try to reinstall the sound card's drivers. Still nothing. The other outputs all seem fine.

    Then the sound comes back when I play with the slider on the mixer associated with the faulty output. So I think everything is OK. But no : When I stop Winamp and start it again the same thing happens. I have to toggle the mixer slider for the sound to come back.
    But it doesn't seem to happen with SoundForge.

    So I reinstall Winamp, to na avail.

    Can anybody help me out and suggest something ?

    The only info I could add is that Winamp was freaking out a bit just before that : I was playing a tune with an plugin called "Pacemaker Tempo Controller" which, as its name implies, allows you to slow down or accelerate a song. So at some point before that happened, Winamp froze, as it often does when I use that plugin...

    I'm using Winamp 2.78, since all subsequent versions don't seem to adapt at all to my system.

    Thanks if you have any idea.
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    Sorry but never mind. :eek:

    I reinstalled again, except this time I completely uninstalled Winamp + plugins first, and rebooted.

    Funny thing is a few things associated with sounds went berserk at the same time that that happened : So far I noticed that the Windows logon music went back to default, instead of what I'd changed it for; and a tweak to the context menu, which allowed me to open mp3 and wav files directly in SoundForge, and which I'd done through ContexEdit, disappeared... :confused: