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Winamp Content Window


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This might sound dum, but just installed Winamp for the first time in a year, cause I finally got fed up with WMP. Right click on start menu and other things, noticed all the Winamp crap, wondering how to get rid of that...could seem to find it in the options.



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Far simpler way would be to:

Options > Preferences > Files Types > (right hand side) untick "Show Winamp in context menus in Windows Explorer" :p


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Nah, If I was how I used to be, I would of used that then the Winamp options. Now I'm just too lazy lol


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wwwdjrcs said:
No problem, sorry if mine was a bit more complex than needed :)
The link you posted is actually quite helpful because theres some programs that I just can not find the option to switch off the context menu item thingy! :eek:

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