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Winamp 5.25 Beta build 787


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What's New
Winamp 5.25
* New: Unicode filename and title support
* New: M3U8 (Unicode) playlist support
* New: [ml_pmp] Playback now works for playsForSure and Creative NJB devices
* New: [ml_pmp] "Copy to Library" - transfer songs from any device to your local library (uses CD rip settings)
* New: [pmp_usb] USB Drive/Portable device support
* Improved: [in_mp3] streaming id3v2 support
* Improved: 24bit EQ support
* Improved: [in_mp3] 24bit MP3 playback, 64bit internal precision
* Improved: [in_mp3/in_mp4] 24bit AAC playback
* Improved: fullscreen video seekbar
* Improved: [ml_pmp] Only relevant columns shown in song views
* Improved: [ml_pmp] "Getting Metadata" now much faster
* Improved: ATF updates
* Improved: DC filter on spectral visualization, to remove bass bias
* Fixed: Burning files that require resampling
* Fixed: multiple copies of Winamp when opening too many files/folders from explorer
* Fixed: freeze when exiting via System Tray icon
* Fixed: Delay/hang when loading dead stream url's
* Fixed: [enc_lame] broken vbr presets
* Fixed: [gen_ff] layerfx not being redrawn on colortheme change
* Fixed: [gen_ff] gradient drawing glitch and crash
* Fixed: [gen_ff] custom color themes bug
* Fixed: [gen_jumpex] hang when suspending or hibernating
* Fixed: [in_cdda] cutoff of last few sectors
* Fixed: [in_midi] truncated playback of some MIDI files
* Fixed: [in_mod] title display bug for module streams with no title
* Fixed: [in_mp3] crash when editing ID3 tags
* Fixed: [in_mp3] ID3v2 and ID3v1 Comment & Genre tags shared
* Fixed: [in_mp3] Inaccurate Time Remaining display for AAC files
* Fixed: [in_wm] DRM Video playback on certain hardware
* Fixed: [in_wm] freezeup when seeking a paused wma
* Fixed: [in_wm] Hang with dead WMV link in pledit in Repeat mode
* Fixed: [ml_disc] CD ripping / playlist generation bug
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] losing stream titles
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] sort by title
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] Send To from local media to ml playlist replaces instead of enqueues
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] Enqueue as default broken in left pane
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] Playlist title > rt-click > New Playlist = broken
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] tracklength bug
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] playlist paths issue
* Fixed: [ml_pmp] Transfers stalling after encountering a dupe
* Fixed: [out_ds] volume not hitting 0dB when using log or hybrid volume control
* Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Artist list on iPod not sorting "The" correctly
* Updated: [gen_jumpex] Jump-to-File 0.97.5
* Updated: [gen_ff] Freetype 2.2.1
* Updated: [libmp4v2] MPEG4IP mp4v2 1.5
Download Winamp 5.25 Beta Full
Download Winamp 5.25 Beta Pro (asks for key during install)
Download Winamp 5.25 Beta Standard (same as Full but no ML or viz)
Download Winamp 5.25 Beta Lite

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