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win98 dial up question


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i got a 98 pc at work, problem is when you connect to the internet the bytes sent and recieved dont move, stuck around the 500 mark and thats it, page cannot be displayed the rest of the time.
I saw this once before and without going too deep into it i formatted the PC, i dont want to format this time i wasnt to fix the problem, but i think my choice of keywords suck, cus i aint come up with a thing.

Shamus MacNoob

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Try this

Go to the add/remove in control panel ..... look at the windows setup components .... find the dial up networking remove the check mark ..... apply reboot go back and put the check mark back in dial up networking you will need your win 98 cd when prompted ..... might fix cant hurt :)


Go to Control Panel
Remove Modem drivers
Shut down PC
Remove Modem
Restart PC

Problem fixed. You will no longer get 500 bytes in any direction...


If you do want bytes though,
Go to Control Panel, make sure all original modem references are removed.

Reboot PC a coupel of times ........ Win98 likes this

Shut down PC
Insert Modem
Restart PC
Load Modem drivers as normal

Should now work ok

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