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Win95 install


The Analog Kid
Ok, I'm way too used to XP so I need help here.

i just built an old system for a friend

putting on a copy of win95

whats the best way to do this? I have used a win98 boot disk to boot and load cdrom drivers.

So, what do I do from the A:> prompt?

also, I've heard it's better to copy the cd to the harddrive and install from there. So I'd love it if someone could walk me thru it

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
This is going from memory> Not sure of the order of the steps but you should be able to work it out.

Boot with cd rom support. Let's say the cd rom is picked up as 'D' drive. Insert the '95 disk.

At the A:\prompt type C:\ (enter)
C:\ now type md Windows (enter) creates a folder C:\Windows now type md cabs (enter). Creates this> C:\Windows\Cabs.
Now get to the cd rom. D:\ (enter)
D:\ now type cd win95 (enter)
Now copy the win95 folder from the cd to 'C' drive.
D:\win95 copy *.* C:\Windows\Cabs (enter)
When finished copying go to the 'C' drive. C:\ (enter) You can remove the cd. Leave the floppy for now.
C:\ now navigate to the cabs folder. C:\cd Windows (enter) C:\Windows cd Cabs (enter)
C:\Windows\Cabs now type setup (enter) & away it goes.

I think that's everything. :D

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