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Win xp slowing down


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Hi folks I have a little problem. I've noticed win xp slowing down lately and I'm pretty sure it's some progam that's doing it. The problem is the I've no idea what one is doing it. When I open the task manager it's got a processor usage of between 4 and 7% and when I look at the processes within the tast manager only system idle process seems to be using anything94 to 97 usually. Is there any other way for me to find out what could be slowing it down. It used to be when I run the task manager the cpu usage was 0% when doing nothing. I cant really understand it.



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I've tryed that. I've also noticed (just after I reboot) iexporer32.exe sits arpund 95 or so for around 2 mins just after. I'm wandering if that's it


Did you check for virus or trojans? iexplorer32.exe isn't a Windows file. Look in msconfig what is starting with Windows.
Windows slowing down fixes in order...

1) Defrag HD (you did :)
2) Run adaware and get rid of the spyware. It runs in background consuming resources.
3) run "Started" (it finds the stuff that loads through registry not and through the start-up directory). Disable anything you are SURE is not required. If in doubt ask in here.
4) Check your free memory. Some programs have memory leaks that will swallow up your free RAM. I use about 190m out of 512m for offcie toolbar, IE, eudora and some start up odds and ends.
5) Don't let windows pre-load programs you don't use regularly it chews up the free RAM. I think windows picks your favorites and adds them to a list. The details are posted in here somewhere.
6) If you have less than 384m of ram close stuff when you are done with it.
7) Get more Ram if you have less than 256m. 512m is getting to be a more comfortable amount.
8) Create a dedicated, fixed size pagefile after you defrag the disk so it will always be contiguous.


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3) run "Started" (it finds the stuff that loads through registry not and through the start-up directory). Disable anything you are SURE is not required. If in doubt ask in here.

How do I do that? I typed in started in the run thing but all I get is windows can not find.



goto your start button then run command, type in 'msconfig' without the ' and a box will pop up. Goto the startup tag all the way right and select it, from there you will see checked boxes. Uncheck things that are not needed by your OS to run and click apply then reboot. On reboot it should NOT launch those unneccessary processes.

thats how you do it.


If you've installed SP1 or any hotfixes lately there is a hotfix that M$ has identified that slows the system. The fix for it is SP1a.


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Where do I get this sp1a? and is it safe to install it over the original sp1? I cant find it on the windows update site.
This might be the bug that MS addressed in a KB article here. I can email you the fix patch when I get off work (it's on my computer), because MS hides it from the world for some reason.

If you don't want to wait for me (or search for the fix ;)), many beta testing websites like NTFS and Flexbeta have links to download SP2, which doesn't have this problem. SP2 is still in beta though, but I haven't had any problems with it at all.

To answer your question, you can get SP1a here. However, this SP doesn't address the slowdown issue either, so it probably will be useless to you.


It doesn't make sense to install ServicePack 1a over version 1. The only difference is that 1a doesn't contain MS Java VM. Also would not install a leaked version of SP 2.

Did you notice my post above? iexplorer32.exe is a trojan. You should try to get rid of it.

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