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Win XP Refuses to install



Hi good folks!

Here is the puzzle that has driven me insane for days now.

My win xp pro sp1 couldn't load after i Upgraded my cpu from AMD Athlon 1800+ Palamino to AMD Athlon xp 2400+ Thoroughbred.

I have tried to reinstall it but it just seems impossible.

I wont take your time by describing my endless tries to reinstall the thing, what i am gonna do is that i am gonna leave you with this little description of my nightmare, it should talk for itself.

Here it comes:

I. Win xp pro fails to install with the new cpu.
II. Win 2000 pro installs perfectly with the new cpu.
III. When i install my old cpu (1800+) back on, win xp pro installs smoothly with no problems at all.

(( Windows xp pro fails to format the drive when i try to install a fresh new one, and it fails copying files when i try to upgrade from the win 2000)).

Now, can anyone in Guds name tell me what is going on?

Anything.............. People please!


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome Arsis. :)
Do you get any error messages? Apart from the cpu are you adding a new hard drive? Have you tried taking the old hard drive out, putting the new cpu in & booting up with xp to see if you can format?
It's a stab in the dark but try this: While in 2000 Pro with the new hard drive and CPU installed, go to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/System Devices/Microcode Update Device - Right click "Scan for Hardware Changes" then try to intall XP Pro...

Hope this helps, it certainly won't hurt anything...:)


Thanks for writing!

Well the error messeges i get are different everytime, one is a blue screen saying that it couldn't format the harddrive and that my harddrive could be damaged or not installed correctly, the other messege i use to get is a BSOD with the error code of: STOP 0x0000008e (0xc000006, .......)(don't remember the rest), i looked it up and it was something about the ram, but it didn't made any sense because it was the same module that worked perfectly before with my winxp installation, and still works if i install the old cpu back on, and beside i borrowed a friends memory module and tested it with his, same problem.

Hardwares were exact the same all the time.
I removed all the pci cards and tried, didn't help.

I even installed my old cpu back on, installed the winxp on my harddrive, took the old cpu out , installed the new cpu and booted up , again as expected winxp couldn't load.

Now i haven't tried with a brand new harddrive , i guess the fact that: winxp having no problems getting installed on my harddrive with my old cpu and win2000 gets installed with my new one, has stopped me from going and bying a new harddrive.

What ever it is, the new cpu causing it, but how and what? and why winxp pro can't install while win2000 pro can?


I will try that SnookBooger, right now i am gadering as much tip and help i can, before installing the new cpu back on again.
Thanks for the tip!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Sorry I read the post wrong. Don't go for the new hard drive. I thought you already had one. As for your problem you probably have already seen this.
Try testing your memory. I have not used this one but it takes a long time from what I have read about it.


Thanks for the memtest program i downloaded it red the instructions and let it ran for few hours ,it couldn't find any errors.


**********Problem Solved**********

You see the problem was that win xp pro didn't like the combination of my new cpu (2400+ Thoroughbred) and my 1x512 PC2100 module, while it didn't mind the combination of my old cpu (1800+ Palamino) and the 1x512MB PC2100 module.

I got the idea from a friend whom i accidently ran into, now he told me that he had a Palmino 1700+ installed but he couldn't get the right clock speed of the cpu in the Bios so he was forced to run it at the lower speed and he couldn't do anything about it until he changed his 1x512MB memory module against 2x256MB moudles with a friend who wanted a 1x512MB module, to his surprise he did get the right clock speed in the Bios with his new ram modules, and i thought this just might be it.

So what i did was, i changed my 1x512MB Samsung PC2100 against 2x256MB modules of Samsung PC2100 and Voila' win xp pro began tha installation by formating the harddrive, what can i say, i am sitting and writing this in winxp pro with my new cpu installed.

I hope this information can be of some help for someone out there!

Thanks alot guys for writing and giving me tips i really appreciate it!


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